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The Truth About College, Getting and Job and Higher Education

This is a great comic ever, and possibly the truest comic ever made. Used with permission from Check out more of the talented Emmett Coakley’s work in his new exciting comic at Click here to see in full view. 

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Security for Mobile Units

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The most widely circulated magazine on earth

The Watchtower is the most widely circulated magazine on earth, with a circulation of 42,182,000 copies each issue. In second place is its companion magazine Awake! with a circulation of 41,042,000 in different languages.

There are no subscriptions and you won’t find it on newsstands, but it’s still hard to miss.

Current State: A New Chapter

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When I am reading my own blog, It helps me realize some mistakes and how to I feel on those dates. But it is a bit different now, I know that this blog helps me a lot to express everything, but when I read those post, it is a post of an angry man who cannot moved on. I won’t erase those post for my future families, and it would be a remembrance and memories for me. But starting this date, I am now shifting this blog to its normal purpose like before. I know that those times (2012-2013), I am suffering in deep pain, and every reader who return to read my story knows a lot than those people I talked in person. But as I close this chapter, it is a time to say thank you to this blog, without it, I might be dead. This is another life I have.

I am thankful because I learned to hate myself in the past, I hate the person who wrote those part of this blog, seems another person is doing… (para ngang bata na kawawa na sa sobrang desperado pati mga baduy na bagay naisusulat) I gained maturity on expressing those, and one thing I learn too is to be lowly and to listen to those who care for me, I learn how to respect and have a great maturity even it is not much noticeable. Thanks to all who care for me, as I close this post and close the issue, I would like to express my thanks to all, to the one who made everything possible, no other than Ms. C, soon to be Mrs. Cody. You won’t hear anything from me again about the hatred issue, I am done and I am now okay. Of course, I am now happy and fully moved on.