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How Much Do Weddings Cost In The Philippines?


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The Essentials

Without these, you can’t have a wedding. These are the bare minimum expenses you will need.

Marriage license. You will need to get this from your local registry office. The bride- and groom-to-be fill out this form together (he on the left, she on the right), and submit it to the municipal office. Fees vary depending on the city; for example, the total fee for Quezon City is P320, while in Cebu it’sP250. And if one of you is not a Filipino national, there will be additional fees, at around P1,000depending on the municipality, and more forms required.

  1. Certificate of No Marriage. It does what it says on the tin — certifies that you are not married. Some churches require this. Philippine embassies can also request this if you’re getting married in a foreign country, and you’ll need it if your spouse will be filing for a fiancée visa on your behalf. This costs P415 per copy (or $25 if the request is made from abroad) when ordered online from, or P195 if you go to a walk-in Serbilis outlet.
  2. NSO birth certificate. Some municipalities require an NSO birth certificate when you apply for a marriage license. This costs P140 from a walk-in Serbilis outlet, or P350 from
  3. Baptismal certificate. A must for church weddings, along with a confirmation certificate. The fees for these can vary. Churches require a “for marriage purposes” stamp on the baptismal certificate, so you can’t use your old one; you’ll have to get a new one.

Tulang Walang Titulo

Oh, aking sinta sa’yo lang ako humahanga
Sana’y ika’y maniwala na wala nang iba
Batid ko ang pagibig sa’yo lang tuwina
Dumaan man sa gulo, sa puso ika’y nagiisa

Hindi ako makata, subalit ako’y napapatula
dahil sa tuwing ikay umaalis, ako’y nagaalala
Hahanapin ka, saan man sulok sa mapa
Makita ka lang at mayakap ka’y ayos na

Sana’y huwag ka nang magtapo, ‘wanan ko
Dahil mundo’y gulong gulo, tuwing iiwan mo
Bigyan sana ako ng pagkakataong sumuyo
Upang ang puso’t isipan ay sumaya’t matuto

Aaminin kong minsan… magulo at loko loko
At di inaasahang mainitin ang isang ulo
Ngunit sana’y mapatawad mo ang aking puso
Dahil ito lang ay nagmamahal para lang sayo

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Philippine Cellular Network Prefixes and Codes (as of 2015 January)

networksThis is an updated list from the old post | (another old post) . So don’t go haywire knowing what network each mobile number.

If you are confused on what number is the prefix of every telecommunications in the Philippines here is a good guide for you. This is a good guide for those who are having unlimited call and text not to get charged with extra penny.

Click here to view the list. 

Lesson: Never Trust others to use your Telecom’s Account Name (Denisson Cendana / Venus Cendaña)

vhie (2) vhieIsa sa isang dating estudyante ng Pangasinan State University, Lingayen Campus na nagngangalang Dennison Cendaña ay nakiusap na kumuha ng SMART Account na may libreng Samsung Galaxy s3 Unit sa Smart Nepo Mall Dagupan na nakapangalan sa akin, eto ay nangyari noong 2012. Pagkalipas ng ilang buwan ang account ay binigay niya sa kanyang kapatid na Venus Cendana (Iam Vhie, facebook name). Umasa ang account holder na mababayaran ng tama ayon sa kanilang nagamit ang linya, ngunit ito ay bigo. Sa Pangalawang pagkakataon (oo dahil may una na), binigyan sila ng oras para bayaran ang linya at antayin na lang matapos ang lock in period, ngunit ito ay napost pond nang napost pond dahil sa di pagbabayad. Sinubukan silang takutin para magbayad, at nagsabi naman ang kapatid niya ng panahon, ngunit ito ay hindi natupad. Upang malaman ang buong kwento, inupload ko ang kabuuan ng conversation makalipas ang taon at ang kabuuan ng bills. Ang bill ay umabot lamang ng around 8000, ngunit pending na mabi bill ang termination fee na almost 30,000. Sana ay may tumulong upang lutasin ang insidenteng ito. 

A True Treasure

treasureWould you like to live simply without any anxiety, or living in riches while missing a lot of precious things in life that money can’t buy? Last few years, i wrote an article about treasures, never realizing that money won’t give you everything… This time, I saw my friends talking about treasures and demons that makes me listen on what they say. But instead of focus on stories, I open the article and curious on what I am thinking before about it.

What i just realize is, after those years, I got a lot of treasures that is priceless. Even rich people is dying to have it. “the very knowledge of God” is the best treasure we can have that could lead us into another true treasure. Let me just give you some treasures that we need to find in order for us to be truly happy. A complete family serving the true God, A loving parents, a loving relatives, a simple job which provide basic needs, a good name (despite many destroy it), and a lovable wife.

“If, then, your eye is focused, your whole body will be bright.” (Matthew 6:19-22) So, if we pursue wealth, power, or any of the other goals, we will lose out on more important things.