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How Much Does it Cost to Study in Pangasinan State University

psu-logo-smallStudying in State University such as PSU Lingayen Campus is much more cheaper compared to Private Schools. So, here it goes, the list of fees you could possibly spend for the next four years.

The School Fees includes 8 semester and 2 summer (which is required in some courses or 10 semesters for engineering courses) that indicate the fees for Tuition fees, Misc. Fees and Other Fees. Your allowance is computed based on a 1000 per month or 50 pesos per day. Other expenses includes photocopies, and other fees paid at school required by different student organizations. Projects is computed on each semester around 750 per sem, and the remaining Thesis and Graduation fee is only a one time expenses. Please note that given detail below doesn’t guarantee the exact amount, instead it is an approximate value and a guide.

BACHELOR No of Term*  Fee  Total
School Fees 10           6,500.00          65,000.00
Allowance 10           5,000.00          50,000.00
Other Expenses 10           3,500.00          35,000.00
Projects 10              750.00             7,500.00
Thesis 1           8,000.00             8,000.00
Graduation Fee 1           5,000.00             5,000.00
TOTAL        170,500.00

For a full list of degree in a Private Institution, you may read this article.

How Much Does it Cost to Study?

wpid-IMG_20140515_164457.jpgEducation is more expensive nowadays specially in huge universities. It is called as an “investment” and it is a passport to the world to be recognize. It is also a way to get decent job aside from the purpose of “to learn.”

Education expenses vary in each countries and school, some are cheaper and some are much more expensive. I made some to localize the personal expenses for Bachelor’s degree from a Computer School in the Philippines (which is a far more expensive than State Universities), a Master and Doctorate degree in Dagupan City that could be a guide for those who plan to take another degree, continue the education or just to start. I expected that someone could spent a huge money in education, and it could take 5 years for a payback period or a full return of investment. So here it goes:

BACHELOR No of Term*  Fee  Total
School Fees 10        20,000.00        200,000.00
Allowance 10           5,000.00          50,000.00
Other Expenses 10           5,000.00          50,000.00
Projects 10           1,000.00          10,000.00
Thesis 1        10,000.00          10,000.00
Graduation Fee 1           5,000.00             5,000.00
TOTAL        325,000.00

World’s Best and Worst Airports

JpegThis 2014, The world’s best airport is Singapore Changi Airport. On my own comparison, Incheon International Airport is the best among all and surely you will never forget your little stay in the place with free Internet and have a very clean waiting areas, but nice to know that some airport we have visited like Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and China is on the list. Sorry to say but the worst airport I saw is the Clark International Airport in the Philippines.

1 Singapore Changi Airport SIN Singapore
2 Incheon International Airport ICN Seoul
3 Munich Airport MUC Munich
4 Hong Kong International Airport HKG Hong Kong
5 Amsterdam Schiphol Airport AMS Amsterdam
6 Tokyo International Airport Haneda HND Tokyo
7 Beijing Capital International Airport PEK Beijing
8 Zurich Airport ZRH Zurich
9 Vancouver International Airport YVR Vancouver
10 London Heathrow Airport LHR London

PHP Passport Holders Can Visit Without VISA

visaI gathered this information from GMANews at it is very useful for travelers who want to explore the world without the worry of getting a VISA. The information since other countries with Free VISA such as Korea is not included in the list, is very limited but it is great information for starters.

  • Bolivia - 60 days
  • Brazil - 90 days (for holders of diplomatic, official, and service passports, visa-free for (a) duration of tour of duty or (b) 180 days for official business or tourism)
  • Brunei - 14 days
  • Cambodia - 21 days
  • Colombia

Day Cody – Saddest Song To Sing

If I could fall away from top
I will never stop until i’ve got
If someone try to push me back
I will never stop until I’m back

Even the distance come along the way
I will never stop, never give up

Now I will sing the saddest song to sing
To ease the pain, this time should never stay
And I will run the distance far from here
To start all over again and to let go forever

Everytime i see you crying
everytime they keep on trying
Never stop just keep believin
Never look back, just keep expressin’

Nothing to lose, aim for gain
just keep on movin, keep on game
everything will be okay this day
so never give up ‘coz time will say

Soon will come a brighter day
Worry no more coz I will stay
Until the day you’ll feel okay
Never feel sad, Im on my way

Looking forward for the day
everybody keep movin’

Day Cody – ‘Di Ako Susuko

Day Cody – ‘Di ako Susuko

May mga taong mahilig lang na manghusga
Wala naman silang pakialam kung ano ang nagawa
Basta basta na lang naglalabas ng mga pekeng salita
Wala namang katibayan at nais lang talagang manira

Hindi lahat ng tao’y maniniwala sa panloloko
Matalino ang madla at hindi uto uto
lahat ng peke’y di natatagal sa ‘ting munting mundo
kunti silay itatapon at di na mangugulo

Huwag na magbahala sa lahat ng mga pagsubok
Darating ang araw ang lahat ay matatapos
Tibayan ang sarili at wag lang magpapatalo
Subukin man nang lahat, subukin n’yo, di ako susuko

Akala mo ay tunay sa ilang buwang nakasalo
Ayun pala’y isang traidor gumagawa ng mga kwento
Ang Iba’y may positiong bingi’t umaabuso
ang iba ay magaling sa salita’t loko loko

Huwag magtitiwala sa mga bagong kakilala
sapat na panahon ang kailangan sa pagsasama
Magtiwala lang sa mga tunay na kaibigang nakasama
Pamilyang tapat ay kaibigang maaasahan

Huwag na magbahala sa lahat ng mga pagsubok
Darating ang araw ang lahat ay matatapos
Tibayan ang sarili at wag lang magpapatalo
Subukin man nang lahat, subukin n’yo, di ako susuko

Huwag magpapaloko sa lahat ng manloloko
Huwag magpapatalo sa lahat ng inggitero