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How to be An Attractive Man


Good looks or face value is just a popular factor, but being attractive to them is not just about physical appearance. We know that Good looks fades in time and it is even hard to maintain because on the day that we grow old, it would also gone earlier. I also understand that Good looks is only for good and satisfying sexual relationship which doesn’t last for a long time and doesn’t even last for a year, this might be the reason why too many annulment and divorce happened because of wrong selection of mate or just focus on the first look.

Sex Appeal, Hunky Physic, Cool Style are just few in relation to physical appearance. But, did you know that when we think we have good looks, doesn’t always mean that we are attractive.  Not all the time, it is true that first impressions last, but it doesn’t last until the end. Some are looking more than the physical appearance.

Consider the following vital attractive traits, even you don’t have good looks, you may still have a great sex appeal, hunky physic and great style… this depends on how you handle your imperfection. And did you know that they are more looking on Kind Personality, Good Manners, Nice Habits, Solid Career, and a responsible one… and some real virgins are looking for a spiritually matured one. This is for the perfect bond of union.

Looking Back on a Decade

If I look back more than 10 years ago, life is so different from today. It was 2002 when my parents told me stop college, and as early as 18 years old, I choose to become independent to pursue my worldly career and plan to go abroad. Our life is so hard, my family is so poor, my sister is unemployed with dying business. My two brothers are just schooling and it seems like nothing will happen in the future. I also have a weak spirituality, doing immoral and too worldly, that was the time I never feel any closer relationship with my creator. What a bad days I have… But everything is different now, started last 2010, I readjust my spiritual goals, giving up mostly of my worldly goals. Too many challenges faced when you choose to become faithful. But I never regret any adjustments and all the resistance done, Jehovah gave me all of this: a close relation to family, a better life with new friends, a fair job, a beautiful girlfriend, and most of all I thank God for this contentment, I couldn’t ask for more… 

Why You Should Sleep Naked

Sleeping with too much cloths will make you feel unconfortable, because it doesn’t bring any air to your body and it bumps your body parts too much. Our private parts is prone to bacteria and sometimes warm temperature cause an overgrowth, so we need air. Because it is hot in our country, it is important to have a cool environment during sleep, this will give us comfortable atmosphere. Some study shows that sleeping naked will make you younger inside and out, according to the author of The Hormone being too warm at night disrupts the release of melatonin and growth hormone-your main anti-aging hormones-into your body. Thats why we really need a cool temperature when sleeping and being naked is the answer if you don’t have air conditioning tool like me. Lastly, sleeping naked builds confidence, despite the reality that our body is not in figure, sleeping naked builds confidence and not being too concern about body figure, instead you feel sexy about yourself whatever figure you have and not being too shy or too conservative, this will minimize your concern about negative perception of others in your body.

Whatever small cloths you wear during sleep such as brief or shorts, it is important to consider who might be looking at you. When you can lock the door, you could consider being totally naked, but if you are in a semi public, you might consider an underwear. While sleeping in other houses, you might wear shorts. But always beware, some might be tempted to harass you or make fantasy with you while you are sleeping that might leads to sexual harassment. Beware on who is your roommate, if you don’t know them too much, much better to keep yourself uncomfortable during sleep than to invite unintentional harassment.

What Is More Important is Relationship with Jehovah

OPINION: The time I faced Judicial corrections, is the time that my eyes was open. Previously, I don’t know anything about cases, but these stupid wrongly motivated people open my eyes to reality.

I just realize that you should not focus on what other people say, not much concern about human relations or what will other people say about you. Instead focus on your creator, you might ask yourself if you are acceptable to him (not just in the face of useless humans).

What I build was my confidence in the public, I don’t care anymore about what other people say about you, I don’t look much on impressing human beings, I am more frank about situations if I don’t like, and I don’t hide hatred to those unacceptable persons to me. It is a blessings in disguise that true friends showed up, and liars are also visible. Despite majority believe those liars including those who handle responsibilities in the congregation, I don’t care anymore… as long as I know in myself what are the realities. Of course my creator will never allow a righteous one to fail in right time.

This is the time to say thank you to all who made resistance, to all liars, to all jealous, and to all handling a good name with a devil concience namely (you know who you are) and to all those who made alliance to them. Thank you very much for making me strong.

Interest Of Others? Also to yourself


It is a bit discouraging when you show interest to others and you give sacrifices but when the time that you need them, they are not around or nothing in return. Yes, we should not expect anything in return but it is a bit common sense that when you need help they are also available for you.

It is time for a new adjustment, why caring so much for them when they don’t even care about you. From now on, slightly I have to be selfish, silent, and no much sacrifice to others.

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