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Tagumpay (isang tula)

imageNasaan na ang mga magagaling na kaaway
Na nagalis at gumawa ng maruming kulay
Na nangdamay ng inosenting mga buhay
Makamit din sana nila ang tunay na tagumpay

Itulak man palayo ang isang binabang tao
Ito’y tatayo at tatakbo nang mas malayo
Magiging matibay at matatag ang mga yugto
Mawala man ang lahat lahat, di ito susuko…

Anong pakialam kung masama ang tingin nyo
Makakatulong ba sa magandang buhay ninyo?
Ano man sabihin ng mga sirang dila niyo
Wala silang pakialam at ito’y ‘di apektado

Kayong may position ay ingatang humusga
Ingat mga abusado, lalo sa magaling magsalita
Dahil di ninyo ito ginagawa para sa lang sa bata
At sana’y sagutin ang mga tanong ng mga dila

Maraming luha at tiwala man ang nawala
Di katapusan sa buhay na dumaan sa trahedya
Hangga’t nariyan ang nagiisang kaibigan
Siya’y magpapatibay, ito’y walang hanggan poetry

Wrong judgement may affect good results, never imitate those with ranks who use misguided power, they are worst than stupid.

Money Exchange Lessons: Chung Ying Reminbi Exchange Co.


It is one of my worst experience outside the country, where this Money Changers have different exchange rate from all of the other money changer, this money changer is taking advantage of its client: Chung Ying Reminbi Exchange Co. (24277776) near Golden Computer Arcade in Sham Shui Po station in Hong Kong. I exchanged my PHP8000 in this money changer, but they only gave me HKD960 (where HKD 1200 to HKD 1333 is the possible change of the currency), upon checking the internet and other money exchange in the area, this money changer is giving the worst exchange rate ever. I almost lost nearly HKD300 and I feel so sad since it is a big money for a poor man like me that could already buy 2 powerbanks near the Gadget stores. I tried to return the money to the money exchange site, but the lady already refused and I don’t even know more how to complain, so I am posting this information for you to beware of money changers having big commissions like the Chung Ying Reminbi Exchange Co. in Sham Shui Po. This is the lesson, choose only those authorized money changer recognized by the government without commissions, better to change your currency at the Airport. Anyway I enjoyed seeing different gadgets in the site and a HKD300 could not pay the experience. But in case this money changer would like to return my money, they can always contact me at +639186200902 |

What is Pasalubong

pasalubongPasalubong means “[something] for when you welcome me” is the Pinoy tradition of travellers bringing gifts from their destination to people back home. It is usually common in the Philippines as a culture and tradition.

Most family and friends expect a pasalubong from anyone travel from distant places, but for me I don’t bring pasalubong for several reason. I travel within minimized cost, that is why there is no budget for pasalubong, another one I want to maximize the expenses for the trip, and the last one is I travel sometimes which is sponsored by my employer, so the primary reason is money, I am not rich, I am just a poor man from poor family.

Is it true that Tiger Countries are Racist

SkylineWhen we say tiger countries, we usually refer to “Singkit” places that includes Singapore, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. It is known that those countries is very expensive and even in the top of having the highest cost of living in the world.

In my own opinion, “mababait sila sa ibang lahi, di lang sila marunong magsalita ng english”, they are just having a hard time to speak that may be a primary reason why. Another one is culture. They are very professional and even adults is working in fast food chains. We know some Filipina domestics live with families in Hong Kong; many of these Pinays spend time with employers even they travel abroad. So there is no reality that they are racist, Pinoys are just exaggerated but never tried to know the real issue.

What I appreciate on those tiger countries are the organization of its rules and regulation, from transportation up to the cleanliness.

How Much Does it Cost to Study in Pangasinan State University

psu-logo-smallStudying in State University such as PSU Lingayen Campus is much more cheaper compared to Private Schools. So, here it goes, the list of fees you could possibly spend for the next four years.

The School Fees includes 8 semester and 2 summer (which is required in some courses or 10 semesters for engineering courses) that indicate the fees for Tuition fees, Misc. Fees and Other Fees. Your allowance is computed based on a 1000 per month or 50 pesos per day. Other expenses includes photocopies, and other fees paid at school required by different student organizations. Projects is computed on each semester around 750 per sem, and the remaining Thesis and Graduation fee is only a one time expenses. Please note that given detail below doesn’t guarantee the exact amount, instead it is an approximate value and a guide.

BACHELOR No of Term*  Fee  Total
School Fees 10           6,500.00          65,000.00
Allowance 10           5,000.00          50,000.00
Other Expenses 10           3,500.00          35,000.00
Projects 10              750.00             7,500.00
Thesis 1           8,000.00             8,000.00
Graduation Fee 1           5,000.00             5,000.00
TOTAL        170,500.00

For a full list of degree in a Private Institution, you may read this article.